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Best Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage program was created to give seniors an option of whether to use traditional Medicare coverage or to use a private insurance company to provide for the health insurance needs.  The plans themselves vary greatly from carrier to carrier and are all subsidized by the money that would have been spent had the decision been made to go with traditional Medicare coverage.  If you are here looking for quotes for the best Medicare advantage plans then use the form on the side of this page or keep reading as we explore two of the most popular MA plans.

What are the Top Medicare Advantage Plans?


HMO is an abbreviation for a health maintenance organization.  Simply put a bunch of health care providers join a single network and agree to offer discounted prices to people who purchase a membership (insurance) and use the provider in that network.  With a Medicare HMO you get this type of coverage and Medicare pays for a portion or all of the premiums.  While they are considered one of the Best Medicare advantage plans there are limitations to these type of plans and you can learn more about Medicare HMO plans HERE.


PPOs, or preferred provider organizations, are very similar in nature to an HMO except that an insurance company will have providers join their network and negotiate lower charges on behalf of all those who purchase insurance.  With a Medicare PPO you get this same type of private insurance but Medicare, once again, pays for part or all of the policy, depending on how high end of a policy that you get.  As far as direct from an insurance company, a PPO is one of the best Medicare Advantage plans that you can get.  We have a more detailed description of how these plans work HERE.

Just like private health insurance there are tons of different MA plans.  The best way to sort through them all is to work with an independent agent.  This type of agent can even help you determine if these are the right plans for you or if you should go with a Medigap policy (Learn more about Medigap vs Medicare Advantage HERE).  At we are dedicated to helping you get the best Medicare advantage plan for your needs.  When you use the form on this page to get quotes an experienced agent will work with you to sort through only the best Medicare Advantage plans available in your area.  If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please do not hesitate to contact us.